About Bob

"Whenever I speak before any group, my goal is the same: To share my professional work experience, stories and observations in a visually compelling way that inspires, motivates and excites the crowd. If the audience can't wait to leave and get back to their drawing boards, then I've done a good job."

- Bob Staake


Bob Staake is represented by The Gillian MacKenzie Literary Agency of New York, NY



Bob Staake is an internationally- respected illustrator, children's book author, creative thinker and speaker with 30+ years of professional experience.

He speaks and lectures on a wide variety of topics ranging from writing and illustrating for children, communicating concepts visually, creative self-motivation and surviving and prospering as a commercial artist.

Staake is regularly invited to talk before groups and present his constantly-evolving slide presentations, each of which visually detail how he became one of the nation's most successul illustrators by creating everything from magazine covers to greeting cards, books to advertising, newspaper illustrations to animation design and corporate branding to consumer products.

An experienced, engaging and witty speaker, Staake brings a wealth of personal knowledge, observations and insight to his presentations -- whether talking before arts organizations, children or corporate professionals.

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Lecture and Speaking Venues Have Included:

+ The Graphic Artists Guild
+ The Society of Illustrators
+ University of California at Los Angeles
+ The American Institute of Graphic Arts
+ National Cartoonists Society
+ The Eric Carle Museum for the Picture Book
+ Massachusetts College of Art
+ University of Southern California
+ American Assn. of Editorial Cartoonists
+ University of California at San Diego
+ LaJolla (Ca) Wine and Art Festival
+ Washington University
+ Los Angeles Times Book Festival
+ Journalism Education Assn.
+ The Saint Louis Art Museum
+ The Omega Institute
+ Pacific Northwest Booksellers Assn.
+ ICON: The Illustration Conference
+ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
+ Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
+ Texas Book Festival
+ Museum of Art Ft. Lauderdale
+ Reading Rock Stars
+ San Antonio Express-News Book & Author Luncheon
+ Boston Book Festival
...and countless schools, book stores and organizations

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